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Tanzania Trips for Small Groups
Take part in our small group trips to discover new and thrilling activities in Tanzania. Go sightseeing at your own speed, accompanied by other travelers. Our small group trips in Tanzania, offered by leading tour operators and travel businesses, will provide you with the ideal combination of alone time and group activities.

What are the advantages of traveling in small groups?
Traveling in a small group provides a more intimate travel experience, allowing you to get the most out of your trip. Tours with a small number of participants usually stay in boutique hotels or provide a more hands-on experience with the flexibility to customize the schedule.
What is the average size of a group?
The group size varies depending on the trip, however small group excursions often contain 2-16 persons.
Do many people go on small group excursions by themselves?
Certainly, many individuals go alone or with their families and friends! Small group excursions are often a terrific opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who like traveling.
Will the tour guide be from the area?
In most cases, your tour guide will be a local or a representative from your tour company. In any case, be sure your guide has a lot of expertise traveling to your location.
Can we customize the itinerary?
Certain specialized trips allow you to change the itinerary; however, this is subject to agreement from the rest of the group. Please contact your Travel Expert to see if your trip may be customized.
Is there a driver and a guide?
The majority of the trips will include both a tour guide and a driver. But, on certain trips, you will just have a tour guide, or no guide at all if you are on an autonomous tour.
Are families permitted?
Yes! Some small group trips enable families. Small group excursions provide more hands-on experiences and the flexibility to tailor the program to your family’s specific requirements. If you want assurance that the small group vacation you’re contemplating is suitable for families, speak with your Travel Adviser.
All you need to know about small group travel

Small group tours are exactly what they sound like: group tours that restrict the number of passengers on each departure so that all passengers may have a more personalized experience at their destination. Additional advantages of scheduling a small group trip include improved flexibility, safety (you’ll be able to go off the usual path without fear of being alone), and even a lower environmental effect.

Individualized care
You never have to worry about your guide forgetting your name, dietary allergies, or the fact that you can’t pass past a coffee shop without going in! Smaller groups enable your guide to get to know each person of your trip in a manner that bigger group excursions do not always allow, and everyone benefits. A small group tour’s personalized attention ensures that your experience is always precisely what you want it to be.

There will be no queues.
While you’re traveling, you don’t want to have to compete for a hostel restroom, a breakfast buffet, or access to your guide if you have a query or worry. Traveling in a small group means less people wherever you go, so you won’t have to worry about things like whether there will be enough hot water to go around!

Traveling with others who share your interests
Although traveling with huge groups of people with diverse hobbies has its advantages, sometimes the nicest experience when traveling is traveling with individuals who share your interests. You’ll be traveling with people who have chosen to travel the same way you have, to the same place, and will most likely be doing some of the same activities you’ll want to do on a small group tour – whether you’re traveling alone or with a companion, there are always plenty of opportunities to make friends on a small group tour!

Advantages of traveling in a small group
Travel at a more leisurely pace
When you travel on a small group tour, you’re never rushed to keep up with a big group zipping through a location where you’d prefer spend more time, or antsy to go ahead while others linger. Traveling in a small group with like-minded folks ensures that you’ll always have someone willing to see and do the same things as you.

Learn about your trip buddies.
The days of the faceless, impersonal huge group tour are over. A small group tour enables you to get to know each member of your group, including their likes, dislikes, and personalities. This works both ways: your guide and travel companions will learn everything about you, making your trip even more personalized.

Ask as many questions as you wish.
Never again be concerned about monopolizing the discussion or speaking over someone! During a small group trip, not only is it encouraged to ask questions, but your guide will have more time to devote to answering them. On a small group t, you may ask as many questions as you like, no matter how large or little.

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