How Much Does a Serengeti Safari Cost

How much does a Serengeti safari cost? How much does a Serengeti safari cost? Figuring out how much a Serengeti Safari would cost is one of the most important yet hardest components of planning a trip to Tanzania’s Serengeti. No, it’s not because the prices are greater than you could ever pay for a holiday […]

Feb 19, 2023

How much does a Serengeti safari cost?

How much does a Serengeti safari cost? Figuring out how much a Serengeti Safari would cost is one of the most important yet hardest components of planning a trip to Tanzania’s Serengeti. No, it’s not because the prices are greater than you could ever pay for a holiday or cheaper than you expected. This is because a variety of factors influence the price, including the duration of your stay in the park, the kind of lodging you choose (budget, mid-range, or luxury accommodations), and the date of your safari/whether you travel during peak or low season.

There are hundreds of operators/tour operators in the nation, and many of them prefer to market the notion of delivering the lowest Serengeti safari cost, while others differentiate themselves by pitching costs that may terrify even the richest tycoons in a specific royal family. There is another unusual aspect that influences Serengeti safari prices and costs. Yet, if we choose integrity and honesty as our guiding principles, the cost of your Serengeti safari should fall within a certain range.

By the conclusion of this piece, you will have a thorough grasp of the most important factors to consider when deciding the cost of a Serengeti safari. Even better, you may use this page as a checklist to determine the costs of various destinations that interest you, not only the Serengeti National Park.
How much does a Serengeti safari cost?
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Simply told, a one-week safari in Serengeti National Park costs between $2,500 and $7,500 USD (budget vs. premium). This price includes transportation to and from the national park, hotel, full-board meals, concession fees, government taxes, and game drives. The amount you actually pay will vary depending on the quality of your housing and transportation, as well as the length of your stay. The following article discusses how much you should budget for and offers recommendations for saving money while on safari in the Serengeti National Park.

Cost of a Serengeti Tour Package: The cost of a Serengeti vacation may vary substantially depending on the kind of hotel you pick and how long you stay. But, according on our research and estimates from a few tour providers, a 5-7-day safari in the Serengeti should cost between $1700 and $2300. There are certainly premium and special trip packages that cost more than the sum listed above. There are several that are much less than $1700. In Tanzania and most other African nations, you get what you pay for, which implies that the more money a tour operator costs you, the better the experience and happiness you will have, and vice versa. If you visit the continent, avoid anything that looks to be more economical unless you desire a bad experience and dissatisfaction.

Accommodation: Prices for accomodation in Serengeti National Park vary greatly. Lodging typically ranges from $150 to $1,000 per person per night. Prices are mostly affected by the season and the kind of stay. By vacationing during the off-season, you may save up to five times the regular cost. Staying in a primitive tent camp rather than a five-star hotel can save you a lot of money.

Travel agents: A group of professional English-speaking guides is almost usually included in the cost of your safari holiday.

Meals: A typical safari package will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nonetheless, we always recommend that you personally check inclusions by studying the “What’s Included” and “What’s Not Included” sections on the trip page of your selected trip.

Transportation: Your trip will often begin in a 4×4 game drive vehicle with a pop-up canopy that is ideal for spotting animals. Only in big cities such as Arusha may one hire a vehicle at various pricing.

Entry park fees: Before visiting Serengeti National Park, make sure you have enough money saved up for your park ticket. The price of the park entrance is established by a person, per day, however, tour firms may sometimes negotiate reduced costs for their clients.

Tipping: Tipping is customary on safari, and the standard sum is established at $10 USD per person, per day, for guides and $5 USD per person, per day, for trackers. Some meals and housing may be included in the trip you choose, but it’s always a good idea to bring some cash just in case.


The bulk of Serengeti safari packages typically include the following:

The park’s admission charge is generally $60 per person per day.
Going on safari and attending cultural events conducted inside or around the park are examples of activities.
Accommodations: Considering the mid-tier pricing of these packages, you may expect to spend the night in the park in a tent.
A licensed driver/guide: Your safari van driver, who also acts as your tour guide, is one of the most significant components of your trip to the Serengeti. They know the best spots to watch animals and have relationships with park officials and other tour companies, making it simpler to see animals.
Transportation includes all travel inside the park as well as transportation to and from the park at the start and conclusion of the trip.
Airport transportation inside the country from one location to another (domestic flights)
Meals: All meals served throughout the trip are included in the packages.
Some tour operators will add drinks to the list of foods I listed, but any limits will be stated.


Souvenir purchases purchased while in the Serengeti will not be included in the package fee.
While going inside Tanzania, you must arrange your own travel insurance. The majority of tour firms do not pay this cost.
International Flights: The cost of an overseas flights must also be considered.
You’ll also need to budget for Tanzanian visa fees.
Tipping is another out-of-pocket expenditure that might vary from $10 to $20 each day depending on who you tip.
Extra housing is available before and after the trip package, allowing you to remain in Tanzania longer after the tour or arrive earlier than planned. Since the tour organization does not provide for this, you must make your own arrangements. How much does a Serengeti safari cost?


Make your reservation as soon as possible (flights and tour packages). If you book well in advance, you will almost always discover great deals. This is true for both your international flight and your trip itinerary.

Visit during the shoulder season: From January and April, when tourism is at its lowest, you may travel while saving a lot of money. The biggest disadvantage of this season is that the muddy terrain makes it more difficult to manage the streets.

When you travel in bigger groups, you may save money since the tour operator will spend less on transportation per passenger and may be able to negotiate cheaper lodging prices.

Negotiate a reduction: Like with everything in Africa, you should constantly attempt to obtain a better bargain since the vendor will almost certainly anticipate your request and will almost certainly incorporate a discount into their original pricing.

To discover the best bargain, compare prices: To get a sense of how much your dream safari would cost, get as many quotations as you can from different operators.


While the majority of businesses accept credit cards, there will be instances when you must pay in cash when visiting the Serengeti. These are the times when you will be buying keepsakes or tipping guides. You don’t want to show off your credit card to every merchant you come across since the vast majority of them do not take card payments. This is why having cash on hand comes in handy.
How much does a Serengeti safari cost?
Serengeti National Park

We suggest that you pack $70 in cash for each day you want to spend in the Serengeti. With this, you’ll be able to leave tips for others around you and purchase souvenirs while on the road.

It is advised that upon entering Tanzania, you carry US dollars with you and convert it at a forex bureau in one of the bigger towns, such as Dar es Salaam or Arusha, before beginning your Serengeti safari. Even if other currencies are accepted in the areas you’ll be going, having the local cash is better than getting overcharged because you’re flashing your dollars about.

Check that the US dollars you’re holding were printed after 2006. Bureaus do not accept banknotes older than this due to the risk of dealing with counterfeit cash. You should also ensure that the cash you are carrying is clean and in excellent shape. If you do this, it will be easier to trade them at currency exchanges.

To summarize, we would advise anybody thinking of going on an African safari to plan ahead of time and do their homework. This will allow you to optimize your financial savings while still having a superb African trip.

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