Welcome! We arrange remarkable Tanzania Safari Tours that take you to a virtual long list of Africa’s most impressive places.

Some of the country’s most famous places to visit include Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Selous, Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge, Gombe Stream, Dar es Salaam, Kilwa, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi, the Rift Valley, and the Maasai Steppe.

Tanzania Safaris are among those that take you to a destination in Africa that you’ve always wanted to visit featuring vast plains teeming with wild animals; rainforests teeming with cackling birds and monkeys; Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak growing dramatically above the flat scrubland; vibrant Maasai herding their cattle alongside herds of grazing wildebeest; Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak rising dramatically above the flat scrubland; Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak rising steadily above the flat scrubland perfect palm-lined beaches lapped by the clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

At Friendly Gorillas Safaris, we use your help to help us plan an unforgettable Tanzania safari with keen attention to your expectations and budget.

A Tanzania safari will bring your visions of Africa to life in unimagined encounters, whether you stick to the traditional Serengeti-Ngorongoro-Zanzibar tourist circuit, branch out to the more offbeat likes of lakes Natron and Eyazi, visit the enigmatic rock art of Kondoa, or track to the breathless peak of Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania Safari Tours


Tanzania Safari Tours


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Tanzania Safari to Serengeti


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Uganda Tanzania Safari


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This short safari focuses on Tanzania’s most famous wildlife sighting – the wildebeest migration, takes you to see other wildlife in Serengeti …

Wild beest safari in Tanzania


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Tanzania Group safari Tours

Discover amazing destinations and wonderful people on our Tanzania Group safaris. If you would like to join us on our Mt Kilimanjaro excursion or simply seek out the best views of Tanzania’s wildlife, this will be the trip of a lifetime.

Spend a few days enjoying the wonderful, beaches and amazing blue waters of Zanzibar while you’re here. Imaging how powerful this will be with your friends/family!

Most of our Tanzania Group safari holidays shall take you to the Serengeti Wildlife Park where thousands of wildebeest cross the Nile and Mara River every year insearch of greener pastures and water.

Planning a family reunion, bachelorette party, or a group getaway trip, then joining a Tanzania Group safari tour shall be life-changing. Booking Tanzania safaris in group will help you save on your safari expenses. Getting a place to live in Tanzania, renting a vehicle, or joining a tour is great for families who want to spend time with the people they love.

Our Trip Leaders strive to promote an accessible, trusting atmosphere where individuals can be themselves while on the trip. If you have gone on your adventure, you will be a Tz Safari alumuni, and have connections to our network of thousands of past travelers.

Most of our Tanzania group safari travellers arrive alone, but they depart with friends.
It’s normal for our groups to meet together, start a new groups, plan our reunions, and travel to weddings and even funerals.

Tanzania is a popular safari destination in Africa with incredible Tanzania wildlife safari especially for the east to spot big cats. All five members of the Big Five can be found in Tanzania Safari parks and reserves, with the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park hosting all five.

Almost 40% of the country is protected and set aside for conservation, making it possible to go on a Tanzania safari for two weeks and travel from park to park without leaving the bush.

During Tanzania Safaris encounters, you will see most tourists flocking to the north because it contains Tanzania’s popular highlights – and rightly so, as the wildlife and game watching are incredible.

The north’s fame can always overshadow the south, which is one of East Africa’s best-kept secrets, in our opinion.

West Tanzania is the ultimate in luxury safaris. It is extremely costly to travel there, and as a result, few tourists visit.

As a rough estimate, 70% of travelers will travel north, 25% will travel south, and just 5% or less will travel west. This means your Tanzania Safari will be one-of-a-kind and tailored to your preferences.

When planning a safari trip in Africa, one of the most important decisions to make is the level of accommodation.

Tanzania has a wide range of accommodation options, ranging from low-cost public campsites that can be a lot of fun while still keeping your budget in check to world-class luxury camps or lodges that will delight your senses and provide you with one of the most exclusive experiences on the planet.


We take responsibility

We don’t turn a blind eye to problems faced during your Tanzania Safaris, but instead, try being part of the solution by coming up with new ideas to combat challenges.

We are reliable

Before your tour departs, owe will meet you to go over your itinerary and answer any last-minute questions you might have, and provide you with the most up-to-date information and tips.

We live and love Africa

We at Friendly Gorillas Tanzania Safaris are all united by the love and passion we share for the continent, its animals, landscapes, people, and cultures. A love we long to share with you.



Tanzania is potentially one of the safest and easiest safari destinations to combine with a trip to the beach.

Zanzibar is our favorite beach getaway during your Tanzania Safari because of the variety of lodgings and activities available, not to mention the stunning white-sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Zanzibar is easily accessible through short internal flights from all of the national parks. The beautiful Ras Kutani is the only location on the mainland coast worth noting.

It’s a place for total relaxation as well as a quiet, romantic, and intimate beach getaway. Other islands to consider are Pemba Island, Mafia Island, and Fanjove Private Island, which provides a castaway experience. If you require exclusivity fit for a movie star then there is nowhere else but Mnemba Private Island.


The Serengeti National Park (which borders Kenya’s Masai Mara) is world-renowned for containing the Great Wildebeest Migration and the world’s largest concentration of predators. This is one of the most impressive Tanzania Safari destinations.

To get the best out of your Tanzania Safari Tour, we suggest staying in the Serengeti for at least three nights because there are so much wildlife to see and areas to explore that it would be a waste to drive all the way there and only stay for one night.

The Ngorongoro Crater,  home to a large number of the Big 5 in a spectacular atmosphere. The Ngorongoro Highlands, which surround the crater, are home to colorful Masai culture and rolling coffee fields.

We typically only suggest one large game drive into the crater because it is so small. You can either stay on the crater rim or in the Ngorongoro Highlands a night on either side of your game drive.

Tarangire National Park is also a wonderful place to go if you want to see a lot of wildlife. Night game drives, stunning views, and a massive number of elephants add up to incredible Tanzania Safaris adventures. Many Tanzania Safaris travelers consider Tarangire National park as something of an “add-on” park to the crater’s main northern circuit and Serengeti.

Lake Manyara is a smaller park with flamingos, amazing land-birdlife, and some absolutely stunning Tanzania safari destinations. Because it is small, it can be seen in the afternoon rather than as the focal point of a trip.

The majority of tourists who drive to the crater do so through Lake Manyara for a few hours to cross it off their bucket list.


The Great Wildebeest Migration is a magnificent event that occurs every year when 2 million grazers circle the Serengeti in search of new pastures. The herds are more visible in certain months than others.

The best times to see them are when they are most concentrated in particular areas, such as when the herds cross the Mara River in the northern Serengeti from July to October. This is where those dramatic scenes of wildebeest hurtling through crocodile-infested waters can be found.

Calving season is in full swing in February, and this is the perfect time to see the herds in all their glory as they congregate in their thousands on the endless plains of the south. Only in February can you be certain of seeing the herds if you remain where they are expected to be, as they still congregate in the Ndutu plains at this time of year.

If seeing the Migration is on your bucket list, we recommend visiting the Serengeti during these periods. The great migration is one of the Tanzania safari highlights for many travelers.

When is the best time for Tanzania Safaris?

Tanzania safaris can be scheduled at any time of year, but the best time is determined by your interests. If seeing the wildebeest migration is the main reason for your trip, make sure you prepare ahead.

The best time to see the Serengeti migration is from June to September, but you’ll have to remain in various parts of the park at different times of the migration, and this isn’t entirely dependable because it all depends on the rain.

If you want to avoid the crowds, stay in the Serengeti away from the wildebeest migration. March and April are the wettest months, so any safari plans could be jeopardized.

Why visit Tanzania, what are the major attractions?

Tanzania Safari is an African safari to a classic safari destination, with plenty of both quality and quantity to choose from. The wildlife watching is excellent, and there is an abundance of places to visit and things to do.

In reality, even three Tanzania safaris, let alone one, would be difficult to cover all of the highlights. The most well-known northern safari circuit includes the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater; the lesser-known southern safari circuit includes Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, and the off-the-beaten-path western safari circuit includes Katavi National Park and the chimpanzee reserves on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Mountain climbers can be shocked to hear that Tanzania is home to Africa’s highest point. Mount Kilimanjaro is located on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, but it is climbed from Tanzania. This is great if you would like to include active hiking/trekking in your Tanzania safari package.

What is the cost of a Tanzania safari?

The best way to enjoy Tanzania Safaris is for two or four people who book together as a family or friends is the perfect way to see the parks, but this inevitably comes at a cost.

You can budget US$500 per person per day as a starting point, but it’s difficult to put a precise number on a trip because there are so many variables to consider.

Camping safaris, for example, are usually less expensive than lodge safaris.
The Serengeti and a few other northern circuit parks, on the other hand, have large hotels that are much less expensive than small, exclusive lodges and tented camps – though the latter are often more basic.
The time of year makes a significant difference as well. If you are able to fly during the rainy season, you will receive a discount, while visiting during the peak of the wildebeest migration will cost you more.

What’s a wildlife  Safari in Tanzania like? 

Tanzania has some of the best wildlife viewing in the world. The northern circuit of Tanzania safaris includes Lake Manyara, Tarangire, the Serengeti, and the Ngorongoro Crater. Any of these parks have excellent game viewing opportunities, though some are seasonal. Since you’ll be traveling through a range of ecosystems and cultures if you complete the entire circuit, the experience will be enhanced.

It is possible to get away from the crowds due to the parks’ sizes, but since this is the most popular circuit, you will be surrounded by other visitors at times. If you just want to get away from it all, go to the southern circuit, where game-watching is a little more difficult but still excellent.

How safe is Tanzania for tourists?

Tanzania’s tourism industry is slick and experienced, and a Tanzanian safari is generally very safe. However, since big cities like Dar es Salaam and Mombasa have a lot of petty crime, walking around alone is not recommended.

Tourists are sometimes targeted in Arusha and other urban tourist hotspots, but most of the time the brother is minor and stems from touts trying to sell them something (anything from safaris to beaded necklaces).

It typically just takes being firm and holding your ground to diffuse any situation. In any case, most Tanzanian tour participants don’t spend much (or any) time in cities, so none of this is likely to be a problem.

What type of accommodation can I expect on a safari?

Tanzania’s safari industry is well-established, and there is a wide range of accommodation options. Choosing comfortable camping safaris is not only the most cost-effective option, but it also adds to the sense of adventure.

There are tented camps (with actual beds and flushing toilets inside) providing various degrees of comfort if real camping isn’t your thing but you like the romance of tented accommodation.

There are hotels that provide a complete disconnect from the countryside, which means less chance of creepy-crawlies in your space for those tourists who prefer to spend their evenings in a less bush setting. The current trend, however, is toward exclusive designer lodges blending into the environment and offering an unparalleled level of luxury and service. The sky is the limit!

What can I expect from an African safari in Tanzania?

On a Tanzania safari, you can expect a once-in-a-lifetime experience – or maybe the first of many. People who have been infected by the safari bug want to return time and time again to visit the African jungle.

It’s impossible to be away for an extended period of time. Tanzania is an excellent choice for first-time safari tourists, as the northern circuit’s wildlife viewing and African landscapes provide everything you might want – and more.

Tanzania is also an excellent option for returning travelers, as your first trip will just scratch the surface of the available tours.  Experienced African safari enthusiasts will enjoy some of the more isolated parks, which are home to a range of species including wild dogs in the southern circuit and chimpanzees in the west.

Where are the best luxury safari holidays in Tanzania?

The Serengeti – With its reputation as one of Africa’s most iconic safari parks comes opulent lodges, not to mention the world’s most exciting natural occurrence, the Great Wildebeest Migration. There is no better place in Tanzania for unrivaled safari action than the Serengeti plains, which are lined with acacia trees.

Ruaha – A real, wild, and unspoiled African jungle, Ruaha is ideal for a true safari enthusiast seeking superb and diverse wildlife without the disruptions of the north’s often chaotic tourism.

For an authentic and luxurious safari, Ruaha has some of the best lodges on the continent. The Ngorongoro Crater, dubbed the world’s eighth wonder, is a sight to behold.

The Cost of a Safari in Tanzania

Per person per night: Exclusive luxury (with all the pools and mod cons) starts at $1,200 per person per night, and tented, comfortable yet simple safari accommodation options start at about $500 per person per night.

Per trip, per person: In general, safaris in Tanzania start at around $4,000/£3,500 per person for a 4-night safari in southern Tanzania, followed by a few days at the beach.

Internal flights, transfers, maps, and your game viewing experiences are included with all of our journeys, but international flights are not. Most camps provide both drinks and food, but some camps are full board, which means drinks are not included.

Special offers: We’ve been working with and re-visiting lodges in Tanzania for ten years, so we have access to exclusive deals that aren’t available anywhere else. Please contact us so that we can put together a safari itinerary for you that takes advantage of these special offers.

Please see our luxury safari itineraries page for more detailed pricing – these are only a starting point, as we customize all of our itineraries to your exact specifications.

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